andrew perez for testimonials page“The sisters provided a real sense of belonging during a fragile period of my life. They gave me the belief that even in my smallness, I was special. This belief gave me the optimism to hope for and expect a better tomorrow. It also helps me face the everyday pressures of holding a person’s life in my hands, and carrying the weight of that responsibility. The sisters helped make me the person I am today and I am grateful for their influence on my life.”

– Andrew Perez, M.D., alum of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School 
Anesthesiologist (Mt. Sinai Hospital)


“My children are receiving a top-notch education as well as being part of a disciplined, spiritual environment. The side benefit for me is the life- long friendships I have made with dedicated, loving parents!”

– Anne Irigoyen, parent at St. Mary’s School


testamonials1“I am grateful to the sisters who prepared me well for what came after high school. They instilled self-discipline, focus and the ability to juggle multiple assignments which I found important for success in college as well as in my career.”

– Annemarie Angeles, alum



“Sister Hilda at Our Lady of Guadalupe School has touched my heart and mind. She’s taught me so many lessons that I will keep forever, such as thinking independently, respecting everyone, and staying strong in my Catholic beliefs. All while teaching me our very complicated language of English. I thank God every day for putting Sr. Hilda in my life and I pray he will allow that privilege to so many more children. I love you Sister!”

– Esperanza Rivera, student at Our Lady of Guadalupe School

“When it came time for my two beautiful daughters, Kora and Ana Elisa, to go to school, Our Lady of Guadalupe Academy was my only choice. I knew first-hand the type of education they would receive, and I was right. By that time the faculty members were not all sisters as it was during my school years, but the teachers were excellent. It proves that the sisters’ screening process is of the highest standard and that they look not only for academic excellence, but for the personal and spiritual integrity needed to teach at a Catholic school.  Now my grandchildren Ada Nicole and Miguel Angel are students at OLGA!”

– Kora Basich, alum