Carillo Centers

Silviano Carrillo Centers: Challenging adults to grow in faith and knowledge to be productive citizens

Silviano Carrillo Centers’ goal is to challenge adults to grow in faith and knowledge for their own benefit and that of society’s. We believe that an educated person of faith has the power to promote healthy changes in his/her own life and in the places where he/she interacts. We attempt to instill in individuals the knowledge of their worth as children of God created in His image. As such, SCC’s students will be motivated to nourish their faith, and to encourage adults to be responsible and productive citizens of this country, to develop better English speaking and writing skills, and to help themselves and their families set clear goals which will result in more dignified lives.

The Silviano Carrillo Centers have partnered with Catholic Charities of San Diego. They provide free legal help to our students. Catholic Charities brings immigration lawyers and/or certified people who can give legal advice. This help gives our students peace of mind since they are given appropriate, updated, and affordable help as they begin or continue their citizenship process.

Since its inception, the Silviano Carrillo Centers have enrolled over 200 students. Some of these students have successfully passed their citizenship exam and interview. Other students are still awaiting their exam/interview appointment. Deciding to become a U.S. citizen is one of the most important decisions in an individual’s life and we feel privileged to be able to walk alongside our students as they embark on this journey toward citizenship. 

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