SJS Retirement Home Project

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Our hearts rejoice in the Lord, for He blesses us greatly!

Thanks to your kindness and the hard work of the SJS for many years, we recently acquired a property in Bonita, California, that will offer the best care possible to our sisters who are no longer in active ministry. Our goal is to provide a safe and dignified retirement to those sisters who have dedicated their lives wholeheartedly to the service of others. We invite you to partner with us through prayer and generosity as we journey through the process of adapting and equipping this wonderful place for our sisters.

The six-bedroom home can adequately house about eight Sisters. Most bedrooms have a full bathroom and are spacious enough for one or two Sisters. The plan includes some remodeling to convert a parlor into a chapel, the hallway into a study/activity room, and the master bedroom into a bright and peaceful living/community room. Additionally, there are two walk-in closets that will become two fully equipped ADA compliant bedrooms with bathrooms. The impact on the quality living of the retired and infirm Sisters will be remarkable. We can now offer appropriate care to our Sisters, keeping them close to their families, communities and to the people they know and love.

May the Lord bless the work of our hands!